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Extra by Epoch [web]

                                    ______   ________ ________ ________ ___  ___
                                    _______  ____  __ _  _____ ___      ________
                                    ________ ______   ________ ________ ___  ___

Extra by Epoch
Epoch demo for combined demo competition at Assembly 3017.

We were never gone.

We promised prism collision.

NOTE: Designed for 720p. You don't get much benefit from higher resolutions except
less performance. Runs decently enough at 720p on Radeon 270 or GTX 760 GPUs.

sm..........  code, visuals, design
noby........  visuals, direction, design, directions in music
dysposin....  graphics, design
wdm.........  music
ronny.......  music
aegis.......  music

afa/mud planet original shader by flockaroo.

adapt, adinpsz, aspekt, byterapers, cluster, conspiracy, ekspert, esko of korso,
faemiyah, flo, g-incorporated, gluster, hackers, ivory, kewlers, komplex,
logicoma, mercury, mfx, otaku brigade, pants^2, paraguay, rootkids, still,
traction, trbl, trilobit
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