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Rebel Mind by Epical

                        R E B E L    M I N D
                        an Epical production


                Code:           Routines(*):    Feenix
                                Construction:   Mikki

                Grafix:                         HEGA

                Music:                          Mikki

                Design:                         HEGA

                Player:                         Alfred / Sahara Surfers
                                                Guru / Sahara Surfers

                (*) Except Opening doors,Water-Cut :) and end scroller
                    'coded' by Mikki.

Technical info

                You need an EMS-manager, so ->> use HIMEM/EMM386 boot <<-
                Demo seems to work fine with Qemm 6.03, but it crashes
                with version 7.01.. Weird??

                This demo requires nearly 600kb (tested with 597kb) of free
                base memory and some free EMS memory. The amount of needed
                EMS memory depends on the soundcard You use. However, with
                any soundcard this demo should work with computers with 4Mb
                of memory, if there is no other programs (disk-caches,
                etc.) using the EMS memory.

                The demo should work even with 386 computers, but to enjoy
                this demo, You need at least 486DX4/100MHz with GUS. We just
                couldn't find such a lame computer as 386 for testing.
                Life is life!

Other Stuff

                This demo should have been released a long time ago. The
                routines and grafix were done in late '94 and early '95.
                The demo got delayed, because Feenix and Hega were really
                busy with school and other activities. After I (Mikki) had
                finished coding Hoax magazine #6, I got inspiration to try
                to construct this demo. This is my very first program coded
                with pure assembler. :-) There is still LOTS OF BUGS left,
                but I hope they won't show up with your computer.. We got
                really hurry (again..) with this production. In fact the
                music was done in 2 hours, couple of days before Asm'95.

                You are allowed to copy this production, as long as nothing
                is charged for it. You are not allowed to put this into a
                cdrom, without asking a premission from us. Authors of this
                demo are not responsible of any damage this demo causes.


                Feenix greets:
                                Simply / Parallax                                           flap / Capacala
                                JMagic / Complex
                                Reward / Complex
                                Jugi / Complex
                                Caveman / Coma
                                Halme / Interamnia
                                Otta Chrons
                                Phantom / Sonic PC
                                Mikko Rintanen
                                Matti Karhunen
                                And The Rest, Who I Forgot...

                HEGA greets:
                                PITEK networks
                                Simply / Parallax
                                Azure / Prime
                                Sami Kallioniemi
                                Mikko Rintanen
                                Perttu Poikonen
                                Slimydevil / TDC
                                Matti Karhunen
                                Ari M„enp„„
                                Phantom / Sonic PC
                                Kimmo Rajala / Com 2001
                                Vesa Viitam„ki
                                Juha Koponen
                                Miisun Krilli
                                Sanna V„„t„nen
                                Anne / S„rk„nniemi
                                Jenni Torkkola
                                Anu Viikari

                Mikki greets:

                                COMA dudes
                                Interamnia dudes
                                Juho Nurmi      - Good luck & have fun!
                                Karri Miettinen - Remember to spread word
                                                  about the White Fish. :)
                                Lizard / Exceed - Still in scene?
                                Lord Something /W - See You at Asm'95!
                                Matti Karhunen - Thanks for lending
                                                 that card, You know.. ;-)
                                Mikko Rintanen - *BIG* thanks for Your
                                                 invaluable assistance
                                                 with my coding problems!
                                Phantom / Sonic PC - Release something!
                                Sam / Imphobia - Did You like new Hoax?
                                Slimy Devil / TDC - We WILL finish (begin?-)
                                                 that project! (someday?-)
                                TheFear / Misery - Haven't seen You on IRC
                                                   for a while...
                                Vesa Viitam„ki - Good luck with Your
                                                 assembler studies!
                                Ville Virtanen - Sunny San Francisco...

                For more information about EPICAL, refer to EPICAL.NFO
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