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New Years Disc 2017

New Years Disc 2017

Happy New Year!!! We (full crowd is listed below) are proud to present you
some stuff to enjoy watching, listening and playing just when the new year
is new born.

Disc 1 - multidisc (Enhanced/Medium Density)
NYD 2017			(intro)		by PPs
Prosit 2017			(picture)	by Mario130XE
Neon 2017	 		(animation)	by Miker
Goodbye 2016			(picture)	by Snicklin
Carrie Fisher (NTSC & PAL)	(intro)		by Philsan & Jimpack
Snowman SID			(music)		by Wrathchild
Happy New Year 2017		(intro)		by Tigerduck
10 Liner Invitation		(invitro)	by Sascha Kriegel

Note: NYD 2017 has no NTSC testing, so sound runs to fast and colors are not
set correct. Small Effect doesn't care about NTSC too. So both of my new years
gifts better run on PAL. Hope to release them later with NTSC support.

Disc 2 - multidisc (Single Density)
ATARISID 6			(sounddisc)	by Ivo van Poorten

A disc full of SID sounds.

Disc 3 - multidisc (Enhanced/Medium Density)
MD201701			(intro)		by Cosine
CX2626 Miniatur Golf		(game)		by Playsoft
Camelight 2017			(intro)		by Desire
Happy 2017			(intro)		by Miker & friends
Disco Zax			(music)		by Miker & XXL
Small Effect			(1 screener)	by PPs
Get Lucky			(intro)		by Playsoft
Hotpunk				(picture)	by Mario130XE
Happy New Year!			(intro)		by PopMilo
Multi Twisters			(intro)		by TeBe & Rocky	

Notes for CX2626 from Playsoft:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Instructions for the original VCS version can be found here:


The VCS controls are mapped to the following A8 keys:

start  = game reset switch (begin game)
select = game select switch (select one or two player game)
option = tv type switch (colour or black and white)
1      = left difficulty switch
2      = right difficulty switch

Additionally the + and - keys can be used to adjust the vertical display

Disc 4 - Dozerattack (Enhanced/Medium Density)
Dozer				(game)		by Rockford

Dozer is a game written in TurboBasic from some old sources. Have
fun shooting the enemies.		

Disc 5 - Blowjobb part (Double Density)
NYD2K17				(intro)		by Blowjobb

Note: Disc boots into DOS. Type N*.* and hit Shift-Return to run the intro.

Disc 6 - Soco Maniac (Ehanced/Medium Density)
Soco Maniac (1996)		(game)		by Matosimi

Note: Matosimi started this game when he was 12 and finally released it to the
public with this NYD.
Happy New Year 2017!
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