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Escalated by Onslaught [web]


1k intro for TRSAC 2016

Code & Music rework by Drift
Additional Music help by Noby
Only made possible due to Crinkler by Blueberry and Mentor

Tribute to the 4k intro "Elevated"
Original code by IQ and Mentor
Original music by Puryx

Inspirational intro by some of my demoscene idols.
I hope this at least puts a smile on your faces.

Party release only.
Uses native desktop resolution but effect is hardcoded for 1920x1080.
Not optimised, couldn't be bothered this time so needs powerful gfx card.
Tested on Win7 and Win10 with various nvidia cards.
Tested one build on AMD card but some shader code was changed since.
Original shader was a bit closer to the original with water and
better terrain but had to get cut down to fit the music.
May release multi-res/optimised version later... maybe.

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