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psychosis by BooZombies

                    At Assembly Summer 2016

    __                  .oo98888                  __
   / /_    ____    ____    ,888'____    __ __    / /_   __   ____    ____
 _/ __ \_ / __ \_ / __ \_ .888_/ __ \_ /_ Y _\_ / __ \_ \'_ / __ \_ / __/__
|   `)   |  ('   |  ('   |888|   ('   |  \_/   |  `)   |   |  `)---|----   |
`--------'-------'-------o888`--------'-- |____|-------'---'-------'-------'



               Code by Super-Hans , Music by Lunix
            Graphics by Lunix, Super-Hans and Adellan
                   ADPCM-player by Britelite
                   Startup-code by Blueberry

As the song is played in 14-bit stereo, it eats more cpu and causes
the filesize to be big, sorry about that but it was important.

This product is based on a real life experience where i (Super-Hans)
had a scener-friend (and neighbour) called Terric / Meta who was mostly
active on the C64 but also did some assembler-programming on the amiga.
He did suffer from minor mental illness and took medications for it.

Four years ago he felt much better and had started studying again and
everything seemed fine.

At one point in early August, i had to leave for a work-trip to China and
when i arrived and managed to get internet working and bypass the great
firewall i was reading the Swedish news and saw that Missing People
was out searching for a guy in my area who had left his phone, wallet and
keys and just left his apartment. I clicked the link and saw a picture of
Terric and read that a team of people were about to scan the surroundings.

At this point i felt i needed someone to talk to about this so i connected
to my irssi-server and instantly saw a long chatlog from Terric where he shouted
out to me for help before being reported missing. :O

Now ofcourse i couldn't help being on a flight but i still think this is
an important issue to acknowledge because there is alot of people who suffers
more or less of depression and/or mental issues and we need to care for

Especially important is it to be around as support when your friend is feeling
better as a common mistake is to reduce or stop taking the medication because,
"hey why should i", i don't need this anymore. That is the most fatal mistake
especially when you don't have anyone else around.

Personally however i'm a bit skeptic about solving all problems with
medications as i think most important is to actually talk and spend quality
time with persons instead of just feed them medications. So what i am saying
is that medications should be prescribed in a moderate matter.

But i digress.. .

Terric passed away four years ago from today.

Life is short enough as it is, don't make it shorter please.

Thank you for your time.


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