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speaCore by Desire [web]

          ~   S p e a C o r e   ~


a 128b MSDOS tiny intro
by HellMood / DESiRE
coded for fun in July 2016


basically, this is part II of my
experiments with procedural sound
generation on PC speakers, with
some graphic sugar attached. the bass
kick sounds okay to me, the poly "voices"
are not really simultaneous, but overall
i'm satisfied

subwoofer recommended ^^

if you have special questions about really
anything, just send me a mail =)


tested on DosBox 0.74

tested on MsDos and NTVDM as well, but out
of the box, both modern PCs with MsDos and
Windows XP machines with standard drivers
don't play on / emulate PC speakers correctly

A DESiRE crewmember  told me that this (kind of sound generation) works as intended on a
real (old) Dos System. check out the pouet
threads for further material on this ;)


video youtube: 


Greetings go to : 

homecoded, rrrola, frag, Optimus, 
p01, Sensenstahl, Whizart, g0blinish, 
Rudi, Orby a.ka. orbitaldecay, Kuemmel
igor, Drift, Oscar Toledo, wysiwtf, ryg

 ... and all DESiRE members =)



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