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Nexus 8 by Loonies [web]

     __._        _.____   _.____   _.____   _.__    ____._    ____._
   _/  |/________\|_   \__\|_   \__\|_   \__\|__)__/  _ |/___/  __|/____
  _)   _/      /   /    /   /    /   /    /      (_   __|  (_____      (_
  \    \      /        /        /   /     \       /         /   /       /
 - -diP--------------------------------------------------------------uP!- -

                               Nexus 8
                            Revision 2016
                           8 kb intro compo
				  An 8 kb remake of Nexus 7 by Andromda (The Party 1994)

Synth, Data transforms, Font, .asm : Blueberry
System, Visuals, .hlsl: Psycho
Music: Punqtured / Fnuque
Title picture shapes: Laika
Motion Blur picture shapes: Farfar

Crinkler for compression, Rocket as scripting tool and new "Oidos" synth for music.

Thanks to Revival for giving us the idea for the synth and to the Andromeda team for the original classic.

DirectX 10 graphics card
Windows 7+
d3dcompile_47.dll  (included from windows 8.1, otherwise search your program files folder...)

We had support for d3dcompile_43.dll (the one included in last dx9 runtime) too, but it turned out the main
pixel shader takes 10 minutes to compile there, so no sense in supporting that. 
(with _47 it takes a few seconds, much shorter than the music generation running in parallel)

-Quite minimal dx11 setup with one vertex/pixel shader pair, no vertex buffers, no post processing
-Simple copying of screen for slow rendering of the pictures (and shade cluster base paths)
-Vertex shader emitting particles (galaxy, shade cluster, tunnel) and a single fullscreen "particle" for the rest
-Effects mostly a mixture of raymarching and 2d "background" effects
-Pictures based on bezier shapes with custom shading
-2d distance function font - either rendered directly or raymarched (with spatial optimizations) for scroller
-Shader source obfuscated/minimized by custom tool (14.5kb -> 7.5 -> 2.6 compressed)
-Very small rocket player code with aggressive quantization and transformations on data
-New additive synth suitable for percussion and filter sweeps
-Natural Motion animation data based on reverse engineered data from Nexus 7

Additional info
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