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Rainbars 16b by Desire [web]

Rainbars 16b by HellMood/DESiRE

Released September 2015

16 bytes demo effect for MSDOS
Tested with DosBox, WinXP Dos, MsDos (VirtualBox)

I was curious : is it possible to create
something like "rainbox32b" in 16 bytes?

Well, kind of :) 

But no ESC support this time ;)

Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RlfVyPOzas

I'm very lazy explaining things these days, so
if you have questions, just ask in the thread
or via mail : helmut.toedtmann@gmail.com

Greets and Respect go to : 
homecoded, rrrola, frag, Baudsurfer, Optimus, p01
Sensenstahl, Whizart, g0blinish, Rudi, orbitaldecay,
igor, Drift and all Desire members =)
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