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Emix by Epoch [web]

Emix by Epoch
Epoch demo for combined demo competition at Assembly 2015.

This time: techno.

NOTE: Resolutions above 720p don't necessarily make this
any better, you might want to leave it at that for performance
reasons if you own "lesser" graphics hardware.

sm..........  engine code, additional effects, direction
noby........  effects code, music, direction, design
dysposin....  graphics, design
aegis.......  music, mixing
ruuvari.....  music

aspekt, ekspert, kewlers, mfx, g-incorporated, adinpsz, cluster, gluster, flo, pants^2,
mog, wdm, hackers, traction, adapt, mercury, byterapers,

"You know, this Rollins guy might be onto something..."
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