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toverdrank by Desire [web]

"Toverdrank" by HellMood / DESiRE
128 Byte Demo for MSDOS
Showed first at Outline 2015

Runs on MSDOS / WinXP Dos / DosBox

Originally coded and tuned for "DosBox"
on 60000 cycles. Runs very fast on real
systems, please use one of the slower
dranks for these ;)

"Toverdrank" - the original party version
"Slowerdrank" - a slower version
"Slowestdrank" - an even slower version :D
"Bonusdrank" - yep. a little bonus variation =)

video capture on youtube (toverdrank on dosbox)

Greets and Respect go to : 
homecoded, rrrola, frag, Baudsurfer, Optimus, p01
Sensenstahl, Whizart, g0blinish, Rudi, orbitaldecay,
igor, Drift and all Desire members =)
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