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Safety First! by JCO [web]

Safety First!
An innovative physics puzzler with focus on sound and game design.
First presented at Revision 2015, Game Competition

About the game:
Safety First! is a physics puzzler in which you have to fix broken electric wires using 
your magical yellow repair liquid (myrl). 

How to play:
Control the feet of your character with left and right thumb sticks (use a gamepad!). 
Make sure to assign adequate controls in the setup dialogue.
Deploy your magical yellow repair liquid (myrl) using the "action" button.
If you fail a level 10 times, you can skip a level using the "cheat" button.
After you beat 10 and 20 levels, additional game modes become unlocked which provide new challenges.

Have fun with the game!
Feedback welcome :)

Gamecode, music, sfx, gfx: Jan C. Obergfell (jco) / 2015
Additional music (SCHSSE mode): Cell Necrosis
www.jco.de | www.aurevis.com
contact: jco@jco.de
Created with Unity 5

System requirements:
- This should run on every moderatly modern PC
- Use of a dual thumb stick Gamepad is highly recommended!

Greetings fly out to:
- demoscene <3
- cool people
- people who are not so cool but might become cool in the future
- the future

Would you like to see this on steam with 200 levels, tons of variation and multiplayer modes? :)
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