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The Unhanged by Fit [web]

Fit & Friends hits the Spectrum with:

T H E  U N H A N G E D

A little experiment with an optimized sprite routine
for the original rubber key 48k and compatibles. No
faking there: all the blobs are masked against other
sprites and the background. An AY cartridge, such as
a Melodik or Wonder AY, is needed for the sound on
48k/Plus/clones. The timings will be screwed on turbo
machines, because of the beam racing needed on pre-128k

Tested on: 48k, +2, +3, ZX Evolution and various Fuse

It seems that a +3/divIDE combination won't work with
the standard firmware. Temporarily flash the 128k
firmware and all should be well.

Cde: Dr. TerrorZ (Tonto) & Marq (Speedy Gonzales)
Gfx: Dr. TerrorZ
Mzx: Yzi (Lonely Rider)

The original Arkos Tracker player routine by Targhan.


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