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General Probe Final Invitation by Adrar Design

                *               GENERAL PROBE               *
                *           FINAL INVITATION INTRO          *
		*    Copyright (C) 1995 by ADRAR Design     *

                    !!!!!!! THIS INTRO IS FREEWARE !!!!!!!
                       NO MONEY CAN BE CHARGED FOR IT.

1. Files in the package

  General Probe Invitation Intro is distributed in an ZIP file named:


  After having unpacked, you should have the following files:

           G-PROBA2.EXE -  intro loader in an executable file
           G-PROBA2.DAT -  intro data file
           G-PROBA2.MOD -  intro module
           G-PROBA2.PRG -  intro main code
           DEMOVT.PRG   -  VangeliSTracker by Iguana
           G-PROBA2.TXT -  full description of party (Polish!)
           FILE_ID.DIZ  -  BBS file description
           README.1ST   -  the file you are reading now
           ADRAR.NFO    -  our official info file
           ADRAR.MBR    -  list of our members
           ADDRESS.TXT  -  list of Polish contact's addresses

2. Hardware requirements

  This invtro requires 386 processor, and 600KB of free
  conventional memory.
  Music will be played through Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro
  and GUS!

3. English info about the General-Probe Party

	General Probe ( G-Party ) is first ( except New Face, but there are
onlu about 15(!!!) PC guys, and party was break off by police ) party for PC
in Poland. Polish PC-scene is very young, but now we have some groups, and
still new groups comming into scene. We ( in Adrar Design ) think, that party
will increase interest with PC scene.
	And ... G-Party will held 10-11 february 1995 in Ostrowiec Sw. ( small
city not far of Kielce ). We want to have Demo-Compo, Intro-Compo, Music-Compo,
GFX-Compo and Ray-Tracing Compo. If all goes as we want will be organized some
extra compos as doom, keybord ...
	Here are no full english info, becouse that will be small party, and
we think, that no one from other counties will come. But... Wait for stuff
from compos !!! We think, that there will be some good warez.

4. Greetings

We greet all groups from world PC-scene. Especially:

Imphobia Cascada, Triton, Surprise!, Future Crew, EMF, Majic 12, Renaissance,
ACME, Anarchy, Extreme, Legend Design, Purge, Impace Studios, Dust, Witan,
Admire, Xography, Silents, Sonic PC, Inertia, Iguana, Distorsion,
The Codeblasters, Avalanche.

And we greet all groups/guys from Polish PC-scene. Especially:

Hard Track, Camorra, Technomancer, S!P Poland, The EDGE PC,Amnesty, Bad Boys,
JTX, Darkmoon, Shocker, Exmortis, Raiden, Lucky Luke, Extravaganza,
Yarpen, KOD, JOJO, Jabbar.

						Heya / Adrar Design

	Don't count these all bugs, coz i never learn English !!!
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