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BeelzeBub's Beat-Block by Loonies [web] & Unstable Label [web]

   Loonies and Unstable Label present

           at DATASTORM 2014

     a bombastic bootblock babtized

         BeelzeBub's Beat-Block

 - Bootblocking by Blueberry
 - Beatbending by Hoffman

This bootblock is an excercise in waste
of colors. It uses 32 colors, of which
it only ever displays nine, which only
ever have three different values at the
same time.

It works on any Amiga with at least
half a megabyte of chip memory, though
on a stock A500 it will pre-calculate
for about three minutes before doing
anything. Better watch it on a faster
Amiga. You can use an emulator as well,
but bear in mind that it was meant for
a 50Hz refresh rate and will look like
crap on a 60Hz display.
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