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#3 (The Trip) by universe [web]

This is an "as is" release of the party version. There are still many things to
do, fix, and improve.

Not really a demo, this is more or less a demonstration of the Odyssey
engine(I'm not giving up, just need time) with a couple of other 3D scenes.

Actually the demo should work on any Os4.1 machine with a Warp3D supported
Radeon, but the sound is horribly destroyed on XE since I removed any form of
workaround for this. A fix (better than the old one) will come in a future

Worked perfectly on Sam440ep, was the projection machine, but I noticed some
sound interruption related to disk acces. Launch demo from RAM if possible on
slow CPU. Will be also fixed in future. 

Sorry for this quick and dirty release, I can't do better before some time.

This is a 5 days project done 100% alone (music included). I also hope to do
better (longer) job in future.
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