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Party Bit by ate bit [web] & Hack'n'Trade

Ate Bit & Hack'n'Trade - "Party Bit" (final)

A quick c64 demo released at Sundown 2013

Important note:
This demo uses 3 SID chips for the music.  To play this in the Vice emulator:

Go to Settings/SID settings.
Change SID model to 8580.
In the "Extra SID chips" tab change it to 2.
Set the second SID to $D500 and the third SID to $D600.

Yes they're all hardcoded, I was going to do versions with the SIDS at every possible address but then I didn't.  
This demo has been delayed enough as it is really.

Great music by Jellica/Hack'n'Trade
Old code by 4mat/Ate Bit

special thanks:
iAN_CooG for his custom version of Dasm.
Lasse ™”rni for Ninjatracker.  

I ended up using Stereo Goattracker & Ninjatracker together to get back a bit of rastertime in the original song. 
(the music is 2xspeed)
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