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distance between the edges by Dead Roman

                  --- distance between the edges ---
                        --- Dead Roman ---

Yes, it's Solskoven igjen, and your favourite Romans have been spending some 
stressful days punching keyboards just to be able to say hello to you all once
more.  This was a fast one, still, nothing to be ashamed of!  We are just full
of style.  Anyhow, stay tuned for our next demo, which will blow you all out
of the water.

Full credits:
    Sound and shape - Gloom
    Effects - Hyde
    Framework - Jekyll & Hyde

    All dead roman coders who thought that summer meant no demo-coding.  Helping 
    out old uncle Hyde is not fashionable anymore, it seems.  Yes, that's you, 
    Andersson and you, Jekyll.  Thanks for nothing.

Hyde's notes about life:
    It comes a point in every man's life where one must write a list of facts.
    For me, the list is as follows:
    * I seldom make a release, even though I talk about making demos a lot.
    * When I do make a release, I coop with Gloom, we use the gnu 
      rocket sync tracker, and I spoil what could have been a good
      demo by some last-minute effects.
    Conclusion: After all these years, I have become Kusma.  Only not as cool.

Hyde greets:
    All Dead Romans
    Smash / Fairlight
    Loaderror / Ephidrena
    Kusma / Mipmap crew
    Ne7 / Triad ++
    Slummy / Spaceballs
    Skan / Dream Merchants
    Lonestarr / Spaceballs
    Truck / Accession (?)

Gloom greets:
    Everyone who expected something better (aka everyone)
    The Solskogen 2013 crew and visitors

Jekyll greets:
    Hyde's mom.

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