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Xdemo2 by Lame Over

Scene like Linux Demo for

  - X11
  - SVGAlib
  - Framebuffer
  - Character terminal (with AAlib)

  The X11 version of xdemo2 works with 320x240 and 640x480 points 
X11 window in 8bpp PseudoColor and 15bpp 16bpp 24bpp and 32bpp
TrueColor display, and uses the shared memory extension from X11.
If you have Linux and DISPLAY an different IP address, then 
don't use the shared memory extension for X11! The shared memory 
extension works only if the computer and the DISPLAY have a one
and the same IP address.

  The svgalib version runs best in 320x240/256 vga mode. Remember that 
the svgalib version of xdemo4 must be run with setuid root (login as
root and do a 'chmod +s prog-name'), otherwise you will get a 
"can't get I/O permissions" error.

  The framebuffer version works with the new linux framebuffer
terminal. You have to select vesafb mode when you boot your kernel, 
usually at the lilo prompt or in the lilo configuration file 
(vga=XXX parameter). You can find the exact method in the linux kernel 
documentation in Documentation/fb/framebuffer.txt. Moreover you should 
create the /dev/fb0 framebuffer device which should be world readable 
and writable! You can use pseudo color (8bit) or true color 
(16/32 bit) color depths.

If you find mistakes in the program or other problems arise, please
contact me.

         nihil                nihil@makosteszta.sote.hu

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