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1bir (1 Block Interactive Raycaster) by Crescent [web]

                      1bir (1 Block Interactive Raycaster)

                                  released by

                                C R E S C E N T

                              on April 20th, 2013

This is a simple raycaster for our beloved C64 featuring the following:

- Size of one C64 disk block (254 bytes)
- Joystick controlled (port 2)
- Simple collision detection
- 256 step rotation in 2 PI
- Open (wrapped) and closed map areas

There are two versions included:

1bir.prg: This one has an open map (wrapping around). It has a little bit faster
update, but due to 256 steps rotation, it feels slower than the alternative

1bir-alt.prg: This one has a closed map area. It has 128 steps rotation, so it
will feel faster during turns. Also, this one contains no illegal opcodes, so it
should be safer, in case the first version fails to run (which is not very

1bir.d64 file contains the same files above and this readme as a C64 note.

Some short history:

I started coding this thing for 7D9 Party just some days before the party. Till
the party time I could not get it finished and it was rather buggy and big yet
(over 800 bytes AFAIR). During the party I showed it to my group mates and to
some other friends. But just after the party I lost my father and I entered a
lost period myself. After some months, I did a second version but it was still
problematic, so I gave up with the project back then. Last year, around this
time of the year, I made a third version, this time I got it all working okay
around 420 bytes (including custom map data and sin/cos tables in open form).
I tried many things to generate map and sin/cos data. Each had a different kind
of problem, so I gave a break again until some weeks ago. This time I sat down
very determined to squeeze this beast into one block, and I am now happy to
have reached this goal finally.

This month, it is the 20th anniversary of Crescent. Before the end of April, we
will try to release a "20 Years" disk, with various stuff by Crescent members.
A more beautiful and faster version of this raycaster will also be included with
the disk (not necessarily under 256 bytes, though).

Now, it is thanks and greetings time:

First of all, I send my huge thanks and greetings to my group mates in Crescent:
Beast, Impetigo, Olivaw, Ref and Zero.

Special thanks to my dear sister Evrim and to my lovely girl Katya.

Also thanks to Abaddon, Cortex, Hydrogen, Nightlord and Norvax for checking
various previews of this.

Warm hellos to:

Analog, Ancients Pledge Inc, Arise, ArtEffect,
Artline Designs, Bronx, Byterapers, Camelot,
Censor Design, Clique, Crest, Elysium,
Extend, Fairlight, Glance, Heatwave,
Hokuto Force, HVSC Crew, Inox, K2, Maniacs of Noise,
MultiStyle Labs, Offence, Origo, Oxyron,
Plush, Resident, Resource, SHAPE,
Smash Designs, Side B, Triad, Triangle,
TRSI, Vibrants, Viruz, Wrath Designs.

And last, but not least, to my long time friend and former group mate whom I
have just found after 19 years of absence; Omer Gurcan.

Signed: Wisdom/Crescent

Dedicated to the memory of Kemal Kilic.
Rest in peace, dad, we miss you.

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