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Circus back²STage by Blabla [web] & Sector One [web] & Cocoon [web]

Circus Back²STage
1 disk version for Revision 2013 Party

A 2 disks version with enhancements will be soon released

Credits :
- Gfx : Marss, Nytrik / Cocoon, Archmage / Brainstorm, Blochi (http://www.hdrlabs.com)
- Music : DMA-SC / Sector One
- Support, testing : CiH
- Code : Cyg / BlaBLa (fcatteau@gmail.com)

Atari STE with 4MB of memory or an emulator
If you choose to watch it on emulator, please prefer the last Hatari version (currently 1.6.2) since STeem (<3.5) is buggy with my overscan timings

Tested on a real hardware (CiH, DMA-SC)

March 2013
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