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yogi delights by Vital-Motion! [web]

  _ __ __ _____  _   __   _   __  _  _____ __  _   _  __
 /// // //_  _/.' \ / /  / \,' /,' \/_  _// /,' \ / |/ /
| V // /  / / / o // /_ / \,' // o | / / / // o |/ || / 
|_,'/_/  /_/ /_n_//___//_/ /_/ |_,' /_/ /_/ |_,'/_/|_/  

is proud to present you an new product
as this gfx compilation and say hello
to our new member as Mind BOdy Alpha
as beepola and chiptune and music compozer !

thomson computer rulez too !

	code : yogib33r in hollywood5
	dzign: rêvéclosion and yogib33r
	grafs: yogib33r
    chiptune: jayBLOOD

you can switch fullscreen/windowed
by pressing windows + enter

you can quit at any moment by pressing
control + c

this program for many computer likes as been
compiled under hollywood 5 for morphos computer

you can download others compilation on

 regards to all


well well well, ok it is a fucking bad scripting
made, apologies to all for this, i go later 
to make effect and more due to double buffer and
inline mass effects, for another cool surprise
prod for a friend (voxel amiga shop ! cool one !)
and after go to sl script too, for an event to be :)

so then respect to all sceners, to revision i 'd love
to be there, with great demos and coooool attitude
and then too many people on streams

actually i am at VIP 2012, next to wodka and hellflip
who made me a new member of X-men, going to drink beers
with them and so

the particularity of vm is that its a branch of mad 
folks, going to code on the worst computer, going to
be friends and share demomaking madness and then
hope to propose you other delights soon :)

ok so the members of Vital Motion are:
- line since '93 for modules and fresh mp3s
- zord/rêvéclosion too since '93 for dzign and 
soon code on 68000 ? amstrad ? teo ? :)
- j3ffr3y our main lead for kindness and 
fresh attitude and rebol code
- jayblood for chiptune made, cool spirit
and cool composit, so mainy regards to him :)
- sayasupacrew for kindness and being as mad as
me with sun flowers and so on. the green giant 
- stephos for soon tech modules ! hop to make
you a modules compilation as soon as scripting on
morphos will be much better :)
- kioniro for friendchip (so sympathétic !!) and
crystal sound as in orion and vm demos 1rst at
alchimie 2011 ! 
- Orion_ of course, master of jaguar/atari/falcon
asm and too playone then hope to talk you soon !
- jegougou second main lead as jef ! both are the
cool webmasters of amiga vibes ! real kick ass mixings !
- gilles for thomson 8bits asm i hope soon on a cool
project for MAIN 2012
- of course our new member, mind body alpha, really
really really yes i did said it ? really huge good
compos and then see you later at any party
- mac death : cool member for pixel making and amstrad
- furrtek for neo geo cd asm and cool man being
- of course the doctor for amstrad coding in asm
- and then me but don't care :))))


we are a new come back demomaking group since '93

when old school men meet new talents, so others 
products are in box soon.


		the VM demo team 0/-
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