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Blockparty 5 Non-Invitation by St. Vincent And The Grenadines [web] & Desire [web]

         ...---~~~=== Blockparty 5 Non-Invitation ===~~~---...

  The party never happened. Screw it, we'll release the invite anyway!
  This was obviously intended as the invite for Blockparty, the "big" NA
  demoparty that would happen in its 5th and final incarnation in a new 
  location - San Francisco. An unfortunate chain of events prevented the
  organizers from making this a reality, after the invite was ready to 
  be released. So we've left the invite unmodified except for a new
  final screen to inform you of some other partyplaces :) Hopefully we
  can spread some enjoyment or a worthwhile message from this demo, 
  regardless of the circumstances surrounding it!
   ~ SVatG North American Division

  gfx.............. Forcer/DESiRE
  additional gfx... nrr/SVatG
  music............ coda/SVatG
  code............. coda/SVatG
  Let this be a message - the north american demoscene needs your help!
  The remaining parties - come to these ones instead!
  Pixeljam - Cleveland, OH, USA
  @party - Boston, MA, USA
  NA Demoparty News
  Blockparty may still happen as a sub-event of MAGFest 2013 (DC, USA)
  Ask nrr about it.
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