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LINEAR by Creative Mind

                         _       _  ___     _  ______  ______  ______
                        | |     | ||   \   | ||  ____||  __  ||  __  |
                        | |     | || |\ \  | || |__   | |__| || |__| |
                        | |     | || | \ \ | ||  __|  |  __  ||  _  _|
                        | |     | || |  \ \| || |     | |  | || | \ \
                        | |____ | || |   \   || |____ | |  | || |  | | 
                        |______||_||_|    \__||______||_|  |_||_|  |_|


                                  C-R-E-A-T-I-V-E   M-I-N-D


                        Code by: Fillbert 
                      2D art by: Fillbert, Kellersound, Sarabi, Starbuck
                  Soundtrack by: Starbuck 

                                       Win 98/ME/2000/XP 
                                     DirectX 8.0 or higher
                                32Mb of available free memory
	                                 mind. 650MHz


Q: i tried to start the demo but after starting the demo ends without doing anything.
A: you tried to start the demo from a CD. copy it on harddisk and try it again.

Q: i got an error "Please check out your Direct X version, you need 8.0 or better 
   and check FILE_ID.DIZ" but i have installed directx 8.0 or higher.
A: there are know problems with unusual vga-chips. try to start the demo with the
   parameter "win" -> "linear.exe win". then the demo runs in a window. but your
   desktop have to be set to 32bits per pixel.

Q: i got an error "Please check out your Direct X version, you need 8.0 or better 
   and check FILE_ID.DIZ" and i haven't installed directx 8.0 or higher
A: install directx 8.0 or higher, guy.

Q: in the creditspart there are some black backgrounds.
A: the screenshots for the creditspart are taken while the demo is running. so if
   you have a slow pc and they skipped frames so normaly you have skipped the
   time where the demo makes the screenshots.


some facts about the code(r):

it's my first progi under win and my first one in c. before that i coded in pascal.
at the end of january 2oo2 i started learning c++, directx and coding win32. 
9 weeks later our first demo was ready. so please don't bother me with "this code
is too slow" or something like that.

so now about the code.

i use directx only to get the linear starting adresse of the v-ram. if anyone
has a better method without using directx so please contact me. after getting linear
starting adresse, directx isn't used anymore.

all effects are working with 32bits per pixel. they are written in assembler and
using only cpu power, no vga power. all effects are software. the sourcecode is about
200Kb big and 7000 lines long, without any libaries and resources.

in the first part (fadeover) are five layers which have to be shown and calculated.
the first two are the pics. the next two are the alpha - maps for each pic. and the last one
is the writting. so during the fadeover, the first alpha map fades over to the second
and the first image fades over to the second. the writting uses the calculated 
alhpamap for putting a shadow over the calculated fadeover from the pics.

in the wobble part (boy with "we need no 3d ...") there is in the background a pic
which is calculated in a pipe. over the pic are 5 lines of cm's which are transparent
to the background and over them there is the wobbling pic with the boy.

the spacetube is a rounded pic which is puzzled with little tiles. over the rounded pic
is a falloutmap, so the parts of the tube which are far away from you are darker then
the parts which are closer to you. in background there is a simple starscroller. 
the middle text is a simple sprite, the other texts are more or less transparent.
the shining star is calculated over the whole pics. do you see something special ???

in the next part (big blue scroller) there are 2 moving and rotating backgrounds.
the upper and the lower border are also moving. the scroller is a magnifying glassfont.

after this part there is the boy again. in this part there are 3 magnifing glasses in
the background. over this there is the scroller. this one is going thru two rings,
which are transparent. when the magnifing glasses hitting the left border then the
structur in background is stretch. the boy isn't stretch. he is more or less moving in.

in the credits part there is a nice blur onto the screenshots from the demo.

so thats all. if anyone has some questions please feel free and contact me.

Fillbert / Creative Mind

                                 ..:: www.creative-mind.org ::..
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