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masters of deflektor by 7 Gods [web]

         *              Masters of Deflektor                     *
         *              2 players logic game                     *
                   (C) 1997 Mr.Ped / 7 GODS demo group

Version 1.0, Created, tested and packed: 05-25-1997 sunday

 This is pure pascal game created in 5 hours, so don't expect something
unbelievable... (You think, that 5 hours are too much ? Try to write some
doc and help, and You will see, why it did took me that long ...)

 - only 2 players (or a mad)
 - ugly
 - no sound
 - small
 - formatting HDD at sunday ... (well, I'm not sure, I didn't try it)
 - no network support (maybe in next version)
 - VGA needed

 You may freely spread this game over the world and galaxy as long, as
 - You spread the original ZIP file
 - You don't get some money for it
 - You don't believe in HDD formatting feature
 - You did try to play at least one game with Yourself...

 You may play even if You get Your HDD formatted, or even if You get some
money for playing this hit.

 Source included, but I don't believe, that somebody will need it...
(well, You may take a look, how this HDD formatter works ...)

 Game idea & rules are my own work and are in NO WAY free, ask me for
permission, if You are that crazy, that You need them for something.

The only problem is with this "random" init. of plane, but it is not needed,
if players are never playing symetricaly (causes draw).
(well, this was my goal - to create a new sq. paper game)

 Anyway, I did found this game QUITE STRANGE ! I did LOSE about 10 games with
myself, when I was testing it ... I wouldn't play anymore with me ...

                                        Mr.Ped / 7 Gods demo group
                                        Peter Helcmanovsky
                                        SLOVAKIA (middle europe)

voice:              +421+95/6259058
finger & e-mail:    helco@duro.upjs.sk
7 Gods WWW pages:   http://music.box.sk/7gods
IRC:                Ped
talk:               hellco@kosice.upjs.sk

 Watch out for our new PC game with stunning parallax scrolling engine,
SVGA graphic, breathtaking story, earthshaking music, and A LOT OF FUN!
 This will be a technological revolution in 2D arcade PC games, no more
jokes from Amiga and Console users ! (We SWEAR)
(first demo version will be available at aug97, stay tuned...)
(full version - jan98)
(- WNT,W95,DOS - CD only - SB,GUS,... - NO DirectX (we ARE faster) -)
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