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Cthulhu has birthday, and nobody knows by 3LN & top right bottom left [web]

-[3ln - Cthulhu has birthday, and nobody knows]-

    [code + graphics] mog@trbl.at
    [font] ne7.untergrund.net
    [music] t-0

Extra greetings to m0d who had the whole idea.

Hey there, this is mog. The plan was to release this before the first of December,
and after I rolled over it - the 6th of December.
But you know, RL crashed in and demanded a bigger chunk of time than usual, leaving
only time for small things which have be subsequentially added.

Actually wanted to add quite a lot more, but hit a barrier with Firefox already being slow.
Started to unroll loops, optimize here and there - but not much was won. So I started to
wrap it all up, call it a day, let m0d carefully move things, get a shower, a coffee and maybe even some sleep.

Mhhh, sleep...

If you find a bug, or odd spots in the code you could do better (there are plenty!)
just sent me a mail, or join the channel at IRCnet #3ln and let's discuss code :)

Take care!

2011-12-18 - le oh-so-famous 3ln brigade


Additional release notes:
  - This demo is supposed to be run with a modern browser like Chrome, Firefox and Opera
  - Please make sure you have JavaScript and Flash enabled for this
  - This might not work when you don't have a local webserver
  - For smoothness watch either in Opera or Chrome :)
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