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Fudge '96 Invitation by Nocturnal [web]

		Invitation to "Fudge '96"

Where : 

Kristiansand, Norway. Most likely this will be in a hall
called "H†nes Hallen", 6 km east of the city center.

There will be signs where needed, but first you should look out for
a sign saying "H†nes".

Entrance fee will be 200,- NOK

When : 

The party will start on Friday 4th of October at 22:00,and the doors will
be closed at 17:00 on Sunday 6th of October.


Combined PC+Amiga demo.
PC 64k intro. 
Amiga 64k intro. 
4 ch. music compo.
All time greatest demo.

We have not decided if there will be a multichannel compo aswell, it will 
depend on how many people attending the party.

The PC demos and intros will be run on a P100, with Gus Ace and Sb16.
The Amiga demos and intros will be run on an Amiga 4000/060 50 MHz, 56 MB Ram.

PC intros and demos MUST work with a 486 DX/2 66 MHz. 
The Amiga intros and demos  MUST work with an Amiga 1200 with fastmem.,

Entries to the 4ch. compo MUST be either MOD, S3M or XM, 
max size 880k.

Pictures must not have more than 256 colours, max resolution
640x512. Format IFF/LBM, GIF, PCX.

And if there is interest for it we will run a Jeopardy compo, like
the one at Bush Party 3.

The price money will depend on how many people attending the party.
Prices will be payed in cash as far as possible.

Here are the Prices if we get 250 attendants :

Compo           1st price       2nd price       3rd price
Demo compo         4200           3200             2100      
Intro compo        2500           1800             1000     
Gfx                1500           1000              750    
4ch. Music         1500           1000              750     

All prices are in Norwegian currency.

Audio/Visual Equipment :

There will be great sound,with a stereo of 600 Watt, assuring good sound
for everybody. The projector is great,and we will show everything on a 
screen that is 3x3 m.

The Hall :

The hall has 6 big wardrobes with plenty of showers in each, you will be
allowed to sleep in the wardrobes or on the tribune in the hall.

The Organizers reserve the right to change anything if something out of
the ordinary should happen.

PC groups that are expected to attend is : Proxima, Dr.Dyregod, Maak, Inf etc.
There will also be many great Amiga groups, some of them are:  Rebels, Session 
and a representative for The Black Lotus - the winners of the Amiga demo compo 
at The Gathering'96.

Network : 

We will not lay out cables for a network, but of course, you are all allowed
to set up a network, but an all round network is not affordable for the org.

Last words :

So be in Kristiansand in October, for the greatest non commercial party of
the year.

Send comments ++, to:



elvemo@sn.no (not able to send back answers until 26.09)

(SORRY, no SNAIL-mail)
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