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Attempt by Brainstorm [web]

   _____ _   _                 _    
  |  _  | |_| |_ ___ _____ ___| |_ 
  |     |  _|  _| -_|     | . |  _|
  |__|__|_| |_| |___|_|_|_|  _|_|  

    Title                   Attempt
    By                   Brainstorm
    Category             Demo Compo
    Party             Function 2011
    Code                       mu6k
    Pixel                     Kenët	
    Music                  Ultrasyd

After a long time of coding the demo
machine I realised I don't have enough
time. That long time is actually 2 
weeks so I cruched together a hardcoded
demo during the last days.

The settings might be a bit confusing,
resolution sets the viewport size and
aspect sets the aspect ratio of the

Ascii art by:

Greets to everyone I forgot...


Party settings:

I undestand the projector is 1024x768
For a 1024x768 you want to set:

 1024 width 
 768 height
 4:3 aspect ratio

In case it doesn't run, install the 
latest visual c++ redistributable, and


Still reading?

You don't need a very strong pc to run 
it. It's just the standard set of
OpenGL functions. Glow is done with
framebuffer effects.

No shaders were harmed during this the
development of this production.

One of the effects was party-coded. :)

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