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Musical Notacon Badge by Luis [web]

Release Info
Name        : Musical Notacon Badge
Author      : Luis Gonzalez - lobster@luis.net
Music       : Blue Reverberance
Compo       : Wild Demo
Platform    : Notacon 8 Visitor Badge (Arduino)
Released    : Pixel Jam 2011

A chiptune music player made from the Notacon 8 visitor badge.
Made in one day. The sound is produced by a SN76489 PSG sound chip.
It has three square waves, one noise channel and built-in analog
sound amplifier. The music is a VGM file which was emailed to me

I messed up the breadboard area by lining up IC sockets on one side
leaving no space or time to fit a 3.5Mhz oscillator and two banks
of 32K EEPROMs. I worked around my error by having the
microcontroller generate the PSG clock signal via PWM and moving
the song data (chopped to 25K) into flash memory.  I think
all the extra wires made it look cooler.

Ancient Ruins VGM by Blue Reverberance (45K)


Pixel Jam 2011

Thanks to Cleveland Hackerspace "Makers' Alliance"

Badge Design by Seth Hardy

Blue Reverberance
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