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The Lair of Xar by Calistar

The Lair of Xar


1. About
2. Introduction
3. Getting started
4. Contact

1. About

The Lair of Xar is my first game and it's written in Java. The game runs on its own custom made engine and uses Java's Graphics2D to render its graphics. 

It all started out as a hobby project in fall 2010 when I decided to start a game development project. It wasn't hard to decide what kind of game I would be start developing because I've always wanted to create my very own Action RPG. 

I've always liked roguelike games and game such as Diablo, Torchlight, World of Warcraft, etc. So I started mixing some ideas and this game is the result.

I hope you will enjoy the game!

2. Introduction

Your task is to slay an evil minotaur named Xar, who has ravaged the villages near his lair. To challenge Xar you must first make your way to the final floor where he resides. Along the way you will find items and power-ups to help you accomplish this task.

3. Getting started

Move towards hostiles to attack them. Each different weapon have their own damage range, attack speed and critical multiplier, experiment to find out which one you like best.

The level of each character and item is displayed after the name. You need to attack hostiles to find out what level they are.

Hostiles drop either power-ups or items when they die. Power-ups can be activated by moving towards them and items can be looted from the ground.

Treasure chests and potion crates can be found around the dungeon. These can be looted the same way as loot dropped by hostiles.

Items you drop on the groud does not dissapear and you can always go back and pick them up later if you change your mind.

There are three item qualities; junk, normal and exotic. Junk items are usually junk, normal items are good but not great and exotic items are powerful but rare.

Hostiles are respawned when entering a floor you have visited. If you are having trouble you can always go fight lower level hostiles.

You can set the resolution by modifying the settings.ini in this folder. However, make sure you specify a resolution supported by your graphics device.

4. Contact

All kind of feedback is welcome, please send it to:

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