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Anachronism by Genshiken & alien)(dream

     \                         |                        _)                  
    _ \    __ \    _` |   __|  __ \    __|  _ \   __ \   |   __|  __ `__ \  
   ___ \   |   |  (   |  (     | | |  |    (   |  |   |  | \__ \  |   |   | 
 _/    _\ _|  _| \__,_| \___| _| |_| _|   \___/  _|  _| _| ____/ _|  _|  _| 

                             :: Anachronism! ::                             

                                 a demo for                                 
                            Euskal  Encounter 19
                                 July  2011



Code by
    Tiago "xernobyl" ( xernobyl@hotmail.com )

Graphics by

    Chinese Blues - George Gershwin - 1916 - Public Domain

    This demo  started a few days  before  euskal,  in an empty  bar room in
Lisbon after a concert.  On that meeting it was decided that we need another
Demoparty in Lisbon, or Portugal for that matter...  And that's it really, I
just wanted to mention that.  Since this year would be  the first in 5 years
that I wouldn't  be present at Euskal, and travel across our sunny peninsula
with our bank robbing gang - the ScenePt All Stars - I decided that I should
support the party somehow, so I teamed up with stage7 to work on this little
demo,  based on an idea by mr_hugo_gomes,  or however he likes to be called.
Jeenio was supposed to work on the soundtrack but he had to work, and change
his kid's diapers,  so I ended up choosing that annoying public domain piano
piece from 1916,  Chinese Blues - George Gershwin,  the golden era of silent
    I hope you enjoy it and find it fun enough for a thumb up.

        - xernobyl -

    It's 2:17 in the morning and people is in the main corridor watching the
photo manipulation contest. The scene orga, yawin, is sitting there enjoying
it with some guys who don't look like sceners. Navis went to bed a few hours
ago and has his demo uploaded already. Mauge also is sleeping without a prod
but he was trying to paint something in a Mac window. ShOtGaN and Antron are
polishing what it seems to be their demo many rows behind me. IceVAN and his
mate will deliver an Android game. Ham is finishing his intro and planned to
make a demo but the terrible deadline has pushed him back. Shock visited the
party this afternoon, and tomorrow tHePoPe will come. The Euskal sceners are
scattered all around the party place, I mean, those that only come here with
graphics or music and are lost the rest of the year. About me xrl enslavered
me since I entered the partyplace but it seems that we have already finished
this party version. It's a pity we don't have Portuguese demoscene this year
at BEC. Maybe in 2012.

        - stage7 -

Greetings to (in random order):

 Software Failure - Andromeda Software Development - Dirty Minds - Collapse
  Footstep - The Digital Artists - Accession - Glenz - Napalm Core - TPOLM
         spontz - VS* - rgba - Necro Studios - aardbei - farbrausch
                    matt current - surprise! productions
                               my  girlfriend

P.S.: I may try porting this to linux soon, and also release a Final. [xrl]
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