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4096: Electric Space Odyssey by keyboarders & Youth Uprising [web]

A remix of Nuances "Code is my pr0n" 

Keyboarders & Youth Uprising presents: 
4096: Electric Space Odyssey
Quisten - Chock - Ferris - Spookysys 
Solskogen 2011

Huge thanks to kusma, skrebbel, blueberry and mentor
for creating and sharing crinkler and GNU Rocket.
Awsome tools. Cheers to you guys! 

Chock gave us access to his wonderful intro (after several
threats on his good health), which enabled us to worship
the evilness inside - sacrificing assembly code and mental

Greetings to noone - we hate everybody.

Oh, and one more thing: My precalc can beat up your precalc. -Ferris
(sadly he's right. - quisten)
GNU Rocket is great because now I can just hang outside drinking while the slaves are struggling inside - Spooki
(sadly he's also right. - quisten)
From now on - size optimizing will only be known as taking a dump. - quisten

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