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Maximum VBL by Hylst & Sector One [web]

MAXMUM VBL for Sommarhack 2011 Online Compo

A Demo for ATARI STe 1040 (4 Mega tested, but should require only 700kb) or More ST LOW

Code & Gfx : Hylst
Music : DMA SC


Musics by DMA SC :

Pocket Groove 
Pre Midnight Piza

& 'ripped' sample at 22khz

Effects : 

('basic' effect, but various, nothing especially amazing, 
the goal was to do it for fun)

Raster scroller, disco effect, matrix effect, text wave, horyzontal starfield,
sprite+equaliser+scrolltext,snoweffect,zooming, rotating, distorting 2d/3D logo,
x / y bitmap distort, zoom y bitmap, 'mad' distortingx&y smoke distort,optimised effects, 2 kind of dotted flexiscrollers, fakeplasma,chesslines grooving, blob,
3d with late path 3 objects, dotfield swing, rotating & shading stars, " painting, 
vectorbals with 3 objetcs, and border deform, circular dotted scrolltext, 3 stars rotating, moving, swing'in, unreadble screxx with deformation, mirror & zoom, greetings screen with dancing & wavin'sprite flexiscroller + few effects od distort and bump, raster screen with raster bars & sample, color scrolling, screen moving, ... .

13 piccies + few design gfx (yes ! At least ! i try to design my demo =p)

Few bugs that can occur one time and not the second...
Rushed so effects with most bugs had to be removed, ...
For a next demo...

Maximum Vbl... is not exactly realtime =D
But i'll try to become better & better !  =)
It's anything but extraordinary, but it's my style...
However, it required a lot of work & time so...
Hope it will please you =) 

4T4R1 ruleZ !

Tested on a Ste 4Mega, HATARI 1.4 2 Mega (bombs with 1 mega altough, only 700 kb used ?!) and STEEM 3.2 1MEGA.

Don't forget to copy DATA repertory with MAXVBL.PRG.
(It takes 600ko memory, and 20% only of effects uses Ste spécific, so i could code another one for 520 Stf, all is a question of time actually)

Video :

For more info / productions from me :

(Japemo demos, few games, utilities, ...)

www.hylst.t15.org (french except demoscene part)
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