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Rong by Tolle

You have been conned in reading the readme for appeltaart, i mean "Rong"

This is an intro for IBM compatibles equiped with a nice and modern graphics card.
Anything NVIDIA & AMD have pumped out since... well,... when ATI was still a company, should be able to run this.
Intel doesn't have the nice OpenGL drivers these vendors have, so it will run, but even more crappy... and a lot less shadery.

V2 By KB
QOOB By Auld

Compressed with UPX.

The dialog box at the start was implemented wrong, so you have to click on "DIE" or "CLOSE" or "BUTTON" (twice) to run the intro.

If you need filler intro's for your compo's, feel free to give me a call.
(I basically phone them in)

"There is not actually a set of rules...but actually there is... so keep that in mind that there are actually rules" ~Okkie, Episode I
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