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[TAOA-010] Buigen of Barsten by Discomeats & the Army of Assholes [web]

[TAOA-010] Buigen of Barsten


the Army of Assholes (tAoA)

For The Gathering 2011 'Freestyle Video' competition.

(MPEG-4 H.264 4m10s)

This is our (unofficial) invitation to the Outline 2011 demoparty which will
be held on 2-5 June 2011 in Eersel, The Netherlands. For more information
about this bloody awesome event, please visit http://www.outlinedemoparty.nl.


boblet - code, graphics, music
smegma3 - filming
Haohmaru - original concept, editing

Basically, this is a recording of a short intro being booted and run on the
computer controlling a Steelmaster Twinmatic 16 XV rebar bending &
cutting tool. Some mindless banter and casio muzak was added for laughs ;)

The intro (included, see the 'bin' folder) requires MS-DOS and CWSDPMI to run.
Pressing 'ESC' should quit the intro and send you back to the MS-DOS prompt.

Maybe someday we can afford a proper videocamera...

Haohmaru / discomeats^tAoA^Liverdance (ainoyabouATgmailDOTcom, will be present
at The Gathering / eastergarden)

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