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No Pets Allowed by Orb [web]


        No Pets Allowed

         Pet 4032 demo

       December 15, 2010

      4Mat, Ultra, Keops


Our little pre xmas present

A Pet 4032 demo

This demo features a new video mode for the Pet...

For those not having the real machine, you can try Vice emulator with the proper settings (4032, 32 kb ram) or else you
will get a message if you start the demo that you need a Pet 4032.
Go to the settings menu and select Pet settings. There select the machine to use >4032<

The demo also supports a Sid card. You can select the music at startup. To enable the Sid emulation in Vice:
Go to settings menu -> Cartridge settings and enable Sid emulation.

Things to download:
 Sources for the video mode (explanation how it works is included too)
 and the music replayer are attached to the zip.

-Video capture from Vice. Unfortunately we don't know someone with a 50Hz Pet.
 If someone can capture it would be great.

-Video capture of one effect running on a real machine

This demo works only on a Pet 4032 with >50Hz< !

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