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Little Nell by The Black Lotus [web]

                       Little Nell

                a demo by The Black Lotus


     A 680x0 demo. Requires 68020, FPU and 16MB fastram, but don't bother
   watching this on anything less than a 68060. Really.


     Released at Mekka-Symposium 2002, which was held in Fallingbostel, Germany
   during May 28-31 that very same year.


   Louie, Tudor			- graphics
   Rubberduck, Kalms, E-Moon	- programming
   Trauma Child Genesis		- music


      Our immortal adversary, Gusten, is lurking somewhere within the depths
    of this executable file. Waiting for the right opportunity, it will strike
    without warning and corrupt some hapless bits in your memory.
    Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

    And reboot after watching.

						Kalms signing off.

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