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beta by Astral [web]

	O-pening word-S ...				       1999.11.13

	A-stral is quickly back with a new fresh power demo going beyon-D 
	T-hE capabilities of alpha our first  power demo. The time sinc-E
	W-e released alpha passed quickly mainly  with debuging the cod-E
	A-nd still lot remain. Such a project can newer be considered a-S
  C-redit-S ...
    A'rpi    - code, design          Arpad Gereoffy  <arpi@scene.hu>
    Strepto  - code, design, trace   Balazs Szoradi  <no@email>
    Towerx   - muzax                 Maxim Kuznyecov <maxim@silicondreams.hu>
  S-pecial thanks t-O ...
    Reptile  -  good 3D engine advices (pre-trans bfcull)
    Archee   -  help about specular highlight
    Beatman  -  XM->MP3 converting :)
  U-pdate-S ...
  W-e release engine updates recently... check ftp://astral.scene.hu!

	S-ystem requiremen-T ..
	i-PII c300 or better, TNTI/II-WOODOO2/3-G400, Linux or Win9x, ...

	M-embers wante-D ...

	W-e are in big nead of skilled  keyframers and graphicans coz w-E
	C-oders don't like to  play with  pixels  and  vertices in thei-R
	A-ppropriate programs.The time we have to code is spent for els-E
	W-hich means a slower engine developpment.

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