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Atomic #2010 by Crimson Shine

                        Atomic #2010
                      - Crimson Shine -
This demo is written for TMDC 12 (http://tmdc.scene.org)

Code and Graphics by:
 Yuriy Kotsarenko (aka Lifepower)  ykot@inbox.com

Music by:
 Leon Moorrees (aka LPChip)        mail@lpchip.com

Minimal configuration: PentiumIV 2.4 Ghz with 256 Mb
memory. ASCII output uses 437 code-page.

Please, don't try to run this demo on anything less than
the minimal requirement, as it will most likely run very
slowly on anything slower than PentiumIV 2.4 Ghz.

This demo requires SSE instructions to be supported by CPU,
so running this demo on a weird CPUs like older AMDs is not

When running the demo, you can press Alt + Enter to switch
to full-screen mode, although this particular demo looks
pretty much the same in both modes.

The full-screen option is not available on several systems
such as Windows Vista and Windows 7.
If you get bored, try running the demo using the command
switch "-digital", e.g:

 c:\atomic\atomic.exe -digital

Again this demo was made in a hurry - some scripts could
probably use a tune-up, but unfortunately there is no time.

Special thanks to Frank Jan Sorensen for the fire routine
that was published long time ago.

- Crimson Shine team
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