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HNY2010 by HOOY-PROGRAM [web]

Name: HNY2010
Machine: ZX81 with at least 2KB RAM (or Timex 1000/1500)
Release Date: 2009-12-31
Code: Pure BASIC code by Factor6

Some blah blah
This is probably the last ZX81 scene production in 2009,
completely made in BASIC. The file length is about 1KB,
but due to many variables stored in RAM and almost all
the screen is filled so the BASIC work space has been
filled nearly to the maximum. The big characters are
calculated in real time, that's why it could look quite
slow when rendering.

Run it
On the real machine, of course. If you're not lucky enough
to have one, try some emulator, just like EightyOne, zxsp
or No$ZX81. Just type LOAD "" and when the 0/0 message
appears, press R (RUN) and NEWLINE/ENTER.

Additional info
Made with EightyOne, tested on real ZX81+16K RAMPACK.

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