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Shadertoy by Rgba [web]


                           by rgba - december 2009


   this is a small online tool to edit GLSL shader. It allows you to take
   up to four online images and feed the shader with them. The shader can
   be online too. I guess this is nice for those times you are travelling
   and you promised your girlfriend "no computers this time", yet you one
   day have an idea and want to quickly try it. No need of your laptop or
   compilers nor coding frameworks, just connect online in "any" computer
   and choose one of the templates you want to start modifying.

.in reality

   well, "any" computer will not do it yet (Dec 2009). You obviously need
   a computer with a graphics card in it that can do shaders. Also better
   have a WebGL-enabled browser. So far Firefox 3.7 has it as well as the
   nightly-builds of Opera, Safari and Chrome.


   not many...but you can already have fun. you can edit and compile your
   shader and see the results on the fly, as well as attach several input
   textures (online) and get few preset shader examples. mouse control to
   feed shader parameters will come soon.


   there are 2d and 3d shader examples. there are a couple of fractals, a
   couple of raytracers (Chocolux, by Auld and Kinderpainter, by rgba), a
   raymarcher in a distance field (Slisesix, by rgba), a quaternion julia
   set and other oldschool 2d effects.


   iq/rgba : this is work in progress

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