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What the Hell Was I Thinking by depth [web]

                         _ _        ,_          _  _      
                        ¿_¯ ¬?   _ r~ ~T_ _,_ Y¬Ç {"7                          
                         ! µ `r'~_¶! Ð jL¬ ¯_~T 7_j i            
                         j  _jl ¯l i %~  ¯! l¬¶ ¯ Trip
                        `-'~  L_¯¬7L_l    j_L i_{~l I             
                                ¬¯~  ¬    `     ~ `¬'                                       
                               p r e s e n t s :

                  WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING? (final release)                    
              code: Skurk - graphics: Sprocket - Music: Curt Cool

      This was first released at KINDERGARDEN 2009 in expensive Norway.

                 (the compo was on 21st of November, methinks)

      Curt sends his delayed partygrease to: Arcane, Leia, Farfar, Dwarf,
      Puryx, Skurk, Xerxes, Mystra, Dominei, Photon, Menace, Ruth, Truck,
      all the drunken bastards I talked to (while following their example,
                               and anyone I forgot)

              This final release was out on 15th of December 2009

                          Should work on all Amigas!
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