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amigabasic demo by The Alberts


Tobe a true cunt, I've decided to leave the basic files in the disk as project files.

## File list
produ_ram     Hardcoded to find LOGO in RAM DISK
produ_df0     Hardcoded to find LOGO in DF0
produ_df1     Hardcoded to find LOGO in DF1
LOGO          Must exist in the correct path or bad things happen.
readme        A man-eating grue

## Running
To achieve victorious results due to stuff being loaded:

Easy way:
1) Copy amiga basic in to the RAM DISK
2) Copy produ_ram AND LOGO in to the RAM DISK
3) Insert Workbench in to the DF0
4) Run produ_ram (in thery should start basi and run it by itself)

## Same thing in more detail:

WB must be present on either as proper hdd installtion or as a disk
(tested to work on df0). Used for speech synth.

Amiga basic somewhere. Should work if you load it an swap it 
afterwards to something else. Easiest way is to have it in the same folder as the
production. After that doubleclicking the project should run it

LOGO must exist in either RAM/DF0/DF1, that is why there are different
versions, mainly for the convenience if you happen to have an extra drive 
and dont want to move shit around.

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