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Three Fourth by Dimness

three fourth by dimness @ riverwash 2009 (party version)

What you are looking at is a *PARTY* version which implies that all
imaginable sorts of fuck-ups may occur during execution. Due to time
restrictions, we did not make  it in time with the optimizations, so
if  you are currently using a low-end platform  (where by low-end we
consider everything that  is older than gf 8/9  series or which  has
dull fillrate), do not even bother and just move along.

ATI users should beware - the demo was not tested on any of their
video cards. we're sorry.

The final version will be released a couple of few weeks after the
party - just in case you care =)

Personal thanks go to Karolina for being a patient girlfriend in the
world where demoes become nightmares.

signing off: kbi/dmn

In order to bring even more sadness to the world, the engine harasses
following libraries:

- bass
- libjpeg
- libpng
- wtl
- zlib
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