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Spidr by Farbrausch [web]



exoticorn and giZMo
   easter 2009

 a linux 96k game


Spidr, the great but unsung, ballshaped sidecick
of a certain comic hero finally decided to take
what's his. In this case, this means hunting for
diamonds hidden in caves for reasons we are unable
to disclose at this point in time. Of course, the
clock is always ticking, can't you feel it?

Oh and if you are waiting for this story to make
any kind of sense: continue. For as long as you want.


accelerated opengl

How to play

You can play this game with either a joypad
(preferred), or a mouse. Point in the direction
you want to shoot your rope and press any button
on the joypad or the mouse to fire the rope.
You can drag yourself up with the rope or swing
around corners and over drops.
Try swining for miximum speed.

You can also shoot your rope with the left shift
or space key, for the unfortunate souls who try
to play this with a touchpad...

Commandline parameters

--width <pixels>  overrides the auto resolution
--height <pixels> dito
--windowed        runs the game in windowed mode


There is a win32 build in the subdirectory of
the same name. It's identical to the linux version
but fails the compo rules due to the SDL.dll.
Still, that doesn't keep you from playing it.

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