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cathode by Unique [web]

          ____      _____                          ____   ______
    ______)   \_____)    \_________________________)   \__)  __/______
  _/    _/     /    \     /     _/   ___   _/    _/     /   ___/   __/
  \________________\     _______\____\     \________________\_______\
                    \____(elD_ ____________(
 c a t h o d e
 unique's entry to the breakpoint 2009 amiga demo competition!

 made in a hurry as always. the deadline was hours ago etc.
 code and graphics by dodke. soundtrack by synteesi, the nice
 logo at the end by lum.
 thanks to britelite for support and the adpcm player, and to
 the guy who gave me headphones when i was finishing the demo.
 greets to everyone i forgot to put in the demo.
 who knows there might be a final...

 i can be contacted at lauri dot smith at gmail dot com
 - dodke
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