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Severely Limited Capabilities by noice [web]

Release info
Name: Severely Limited Capabilities
Platform: ZX-81 (unexpanded)
Release Date: 2009-02-28
Code: Andreas Gustafsson aka. Shadow/Noice

History behind this demo
A new year, a new platform for me! This time I laid my hands on one of the
smallest computers I've ever seen - the Sinclair ZX-81.
As the name of this demo suggests, this is probably the most limited computer
I've ever worked with:
1024 bytes RAM and no display hardware, so generating
the screen steals most of the CPU cycles from the Z80-CPU. 
Also since the screen memory is taken out of the 1024 bytes of total RAM,
a full 32x24 screen fills up almost 800 bytes of the available 1024...
Well, I made an attempt at least to code something demo-like, and this is what
I came up with - a little sine-wave effect and a small logo. 
I had a bit of trouble deciding which pattern looked best in the sine-wave effect,
so I attached two other versions in the bonus directory.

How to run it
Run the .P file in your ZX-81 emulator of choice (EightyOne for example).
If you are the lucky owner of some real hardware, you can play SLC.mp3
from your computer or an mp3-player to load it via the cassette-interface on the ZX-81.

Additional info
Created with no$zx81 built in assembler.

Contact info
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