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Everything is Under Control - The Breakpoint 2009 Invitation by mfx [web]

                    mfx - Everything is Under Control

                     The Breakpoint 2009 Invitation
                        10.04.2009 - 13.04.2009
                            Bingen, Germany
                          * MAXIMUM WARNING *

              This production causes diabetes and epilepsy.
           Please make sure you have VSYNC enabled everywhere.

                          * MAXIMUM WARNING * 
                          soundtrack:  glxblt
                     code & design: kurli & unclex 
                   graphics: internet, kurli, unclex
                          3d: don, h2o, kurli

                   additional code: pommak, hth/flo
                 random assistance: raimo, legend/cncd
                 This demonstration uses pixel shaders
                 A relatively modern 3d accelerator is
                 preferred. Works ok on an ATI X1600. 
                 This demonstration has been designed
                 for a relatively low resolution. You
                 will not get any extra benefit from
                       running this in full HD. 

****************** BEGIN OFFICIAL PARTY INFO TEXTS ********************

It's the year 2009. While the global economy is celebrating its overly 
dramatic suicide, governments around the world build up a wall of fear 
to protect against an uprising of their own people. The thunder of the 
collapsing credit economy drowns out the sound of the hectic attempts 
to dismantle the values and freedoms once gained at great cost - 
creating a safe distance to those who have yet to realize their losses.

This makes it also hard times for the demoscene, an international group 
of young technology-focused artists.

Breakpoint, world's biggest family meeting for programmers, musicians and 
artists, always tried to be a bridge between the committed demosceners 
and the outside world, the IT industry and the electronic art scene. 
A bridge that now seems to lead into a dark abyss.

As you may have read, Breakpoint has lost its former main sponsors. In 
January 2009, when sponsoring deals got dropped and suddenly more than 
half of the party budget was missing, it seemed like Breakpoint would be 

But never underestimate the scene - thanks to a gigantic wave of support 
from the scene, tons of donations, and due to the hard work of the 
voluntary Breakpoint organizing team, we've made the impossible a reality: 
Breakpoint 2009 is going to take place. May the commercial world around 
is go down in flames, the demoscene sure won't. 

And what first looked like the end of Breakpoint may well turn out to be 
its finest hour. So yes, we'll have less budget, we had to cut on various 
costs - but we're still here, and we will kick some serious butt. We'll 
make sure that everything a scener could wish for will be present at the 
party - our gigantic FullHD projector that made its debut in 2008 will 
return, there will be tons of competitions, great outside fun, lots of 
cheap drinks and food, and you'll share your party with up to 1000 
creative participants from over 30 countries. So once again every scener 
in the world should know one thing for sure: This is the demoparty event 
of the year, and you just can not afford to miss it.

******************* END OFFICIAL PARTY INFO TEXTS *********************

                  Greetings and respect fly out to:

               The true elite, the makers and creators. 
                The innovators, directors and artists. 
                The coders, graphicians and musicians.
             All organizers, writers and revolutionistas.

                     Fuckings and disrespect to:

                    Hedge funds, IMF, speculators. 
                         NSA, GRU, Interpol. 
               Oppressors, dictators and shareholders.


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