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Noise Demo by El Topo [web]

Noise Demo by El Topo in 2009
intended for the GNU/Linux operating system

The bulk of this archive consists of a noise tune that is mixed quite
loud. Be sure to set the volume of your stereo equipment to a
reasonably low level before running this demo. Thank you.

System requirements:
libSDL, libSDL_image and libSDL_mixer (with support for OGG-playback)

Code:	El Topo
Sound:	Psykopest
Font:	El Topo

0.jpg - Slawojar (2001) - GFDL 1.2
      	Pripyat, Ukraine, abandoned city
1.jpg - Schmidtke (1950-09-30) 183-0806-0003
      	(Deutsches Bundesarchiv) - CC-BY-SA 3.0 Germany
2.jpg - Keith Adams (February 2006) - Public domain
3.jpg - Elena Filatova (March 2002) - Public domain
      	Downtown Pripyat
4.jpg - Redrat72 (06.10.2007) - Public domain
      	Prypiat Pool
5.jpg - o.Ang. (1945-02) 183-J31347
      	(Deutsches Bundesarchiv) - CC-BY-SA 3.0 Germany
6.jpg - Elena Filatova (May 1986) - Public domain

They can all be found at commons.wikimedia.org.

The included binary is for the Linux x86 architecture. The source is
included if you want to watch it on DEC Alpha or something :) To
compile you'll need libSDL, libSDL_image and libSDL_mixer and their
corresponding development packages. Don't look to closely on the
source though, I'm a bit new at this :)

Protip: run with "./noisedemo -f" to get fullscreen. You can also
toggle fullscreen / windowed mode with F1 but that works so-so...

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