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Lost Blubb by Lazer [web]

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-------------------------- The Lost Blubb --------------------------

                            A Lazer demo

                             Hi world!

Finally we have managed to release our demo. Mostly due to stress
on university we had to put the demo aside for some weeks, but I guess
you understand that.

At first some notes: (Troubleshooting)

This demo needs a lot of room, mostly on harddisk but also in the
memory. You should have appr. 3,6 MB of ram free. So when running
Hushi for example take care that the HD-cache isn't too big. 

If the demo crashes (or if single parts crash), then it's probably
a memory problem. Also take care that you did't run a program before,
that might have corrupted the memory (esp. demos or games).
We couldn't test this demo with NVDI, so I don't know if it works 

A second possibility is that your HD is too slow. But we tested it on a
normal 60MB internal hd, Quantum Lightning 360 and on Syquest exchangeable
medias, so I don't think this will be a problem. (If the demo doesn't 
get the data it needs in time, then it most probably refuses to work.)
If you have a bigger external harddisk, then install the demo there. The 
newer and bigger it is, the faster it is-> this results in less 
complications. If nothing else works boot the computer without acc's 
and autofolder progs. (Hold down Control while booting)

The demo takes some time to start after the menu. Just wait...

Informations about this demo:

Options menu:
Speaker: toggles internal speaker
Demo lock: disables SPACE key to leave the demo and loops it forever..
	   (use this for shop-windows etc..)
Volume: controls sound volume
Adresses: our contact-adresses. Use them!
Start: Click and try...
Right mousebutton: Click and try...

Press SPACE to leave the demo anytime.
On the numeric pad:
Press ENTER to toggle the internal speaker during the demo
Press +/- to control the volume during the demo.

This demo runs using a multitasking system. So while you are watching
an effect, the next part is being loaded, depacked, relocated and set 
up in the background. So if some effects slow down a bit, there are many
other tasks working in the background.
Some technical informations: Timer B is used for the multitasking. Up to
eight different tasks with free chooseable priority.

The Modules are 8-channel Octalyzer modules.

During the time after the party lots of people asked us how we digitized
the animations. Due to lack of money and equipment we could only use
homevideocameras and Screeneye. This led to the fact that blueboxing
was impossible. So every single pic you see has been cut and polygonised
by hand in a selfmade editor. (approx 1400 single pictures!)

A lot of the truecolor-animations are lzw-packed, but some had to be 
rle-packed, because depacking lzw-data and doing an effect in the 
background proved to be too slow. This is the main reason for the size
of this demo. There are ~450 full-color pictures. (If we had more time we
would compress it better, but the Transmission Demo-CD-deadline is too near...) 

The musics incl. vocals are all selfcomposed and performed. These 
are no ripoff samples. They are a product of stax (confused) mind,
and the voices of a friend (Rita) and his sister (Katja).

The demo won the Fried Bits 3 Coding Convention in Bremen, which was the
best convention we had been to.
The music won the 3rd place on the same party.

It does not work on VGA, because this would mean to do the demotiming
twice. VGA-screens still use up more bus-time, even when forced to 50 Hz,
and as this demo constantly runs at the maximum limit, it proved to be 
impossible. Sorry all VGA users...

We know this demo is very big, but harddisks are so cheap today...  ;)

So this is it. I hope you enjoy this demo. If you do (or if you don't)
then please let us know. We recieved very little feedback for Warum and
Autowaschen Verboten, so we'd like a change. Send email or snailmail
to one of the adresses in the demo. If you feel that this demo is worth
sending us donations then go ahead, don't let anyone stop you... ;)

         See you lazer,

            Martina, Photon, Energizer, Dan and Stax

--------------------- An Independent Production -------------------------

     Maximum respect to all who make the Falcon scene worthwhile...

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