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aftermath by 5711 [web]

 .______   ________\_      _|_______.   __._            ___  __._
 |   __/___\__      |      \_       |._/  |/_______.____\__\/__|/_______
 |__         /      |       |       ||   _         |       \/          (_
   /        /       |       |       ||   \         |       ||           /
_ /________/________|       |_______||_____________|       ||___________\ _

  welcome to the suck

  demo by 5711 for nvscene^H^H^H^H^H main demoparty / marseilles, france

  code & visuals     pandur      tom [ at ] drastic [ dot ] net
  music & noise      kaneel      kaneelisdead [ at ] hotmail [ dot ] com


  demo is written in java
  uses lwjgl (lwjgl.org) for opengl 
  tested on nvidia 8800 gts
  if it crashs after loading, try selecting a smaller resolution and no multisampling :/

  contact me, if you are interested in the 3ds max (maxscript) exporter and 
  (very-easy-to-read) file format. i plan to release it to public domain later...

  there will be a mac os x version. 

  this demo was originally submitted at nvscene demoparty in california.
  problem was, nvscene organizers played the wrong version in the compo.
  they showed a version from the "soft-deadline", which sucked big time...
  which really drags you down, after working on it day & night and take off from 
  work to get it finished.
  shit happens.
  good thing is, i had the chance to finetune it a bit :)

  thanks to supah for max exporter help, warp for pointing in the right direction.
  thanks to chunnie for testing
  thanks to nvidia for demobox and stuff.
  thanks to demoscene.tv.
  <3 to maria

  respect to iq for sharing his ssao knowledge on the net.

  greetings to the usual suspects.


  information for the demoscene police:
  various images from the interweb were used for orientation.
  parts of some shaders may be inspired by orange book sources.


  more at http://tom.drastic.net





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